Gymnast Prepares For "Michael Jackson" Routine. Flawless Performance Has Crowd Going Wild

Some people get nervous when they’re tasked with performing in front of an audience — but that’s not the case for one UCLA gymnast. Katelyn Ohashi has been waiting all year for the Pac 12 Championships and has the perfect routine to win the judges over. After years of conditioning, months of practice, and countless hours spent going over every detail of the routine in her head, she was ready to show the world her floor talent. Even though Katelyn is well-known in the college circuit for scoring a perfect 10 several times, no one thought it was possible for her championship performance. With her blood pumping and heart racing, Katelyn stepped into the corner of the mat. This was the moment she had been waiting for!

Instead of shying away from the challenge of a championship performance, Katelyn gave it everything she had. Katelyn propelled herself from one corner to the other as the music bumped around the room. Her teammates and fans watched eagerly — they knew just how much skill Katelyn had up her sleeve and wanted her to let it loose! With the audience cheering, she flipped, tumbled and twirled around the mat. The only people in the room who weren’t cheering were the judges. Were they pleased with her performance? Or were they secretly deducting point after point for mistakes undetected by the untrained eye?

As soon as Katelyn wrapped up her performance, the entire UCLA gymnastics team rushed onto the floor! They loved every minute of her routine and hoped the judges would too. When the scores finally came out, their screams rang even higher! It was at that moment Katelyn knew that she ranked at the top of her specialty! Take a peek at her incredible routine for yourself here. It makes sense that she would take home a score like this…