Grandma’s First Virtual Reality Tour is Hilarious.

In my life, the biggest technological breakthroughs were wireless phones and internet, but this year, we’re ALL going to be blown away with what’s coming out!

In the video below, a couple gave a google cardboard headset to their mother this past Christmas. She is getting to see the inside of a dinosaur museum via the app, and her reaction is HILARIOUS!

Don’t know what Google Cardboard is? Remember the view finders we had as children?
It’s similar to one of those, but made from cardboard and your smartphone. Except with THESE, you enter into virtual reality worlds that make you feel like you are right in the scene! I took a trip through space around the planets, and it was JUST LIKE being in space! Facebook is launching their own headsets this year (got mine pre-ordered already), along with other major companies, like Samsung. Imagine chatting with someone halfway across the world, yet feel like you are sitting across from them in the very same room! Children will be able to feel like they are walking through history, as they view scenes from centuries past! I took a roller coaster ride on VR, and it was so real, I had to shut it off as it was so real I was getting sick!

If you want to check out the virtual reality world that will be changing our lives in the next couple of years, you can get a headset here, it’s only $17, and TRUST ME, you won’t be able to put your new toy down!

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