Grads Are Confused Seeing Classmate Cry During Pledge Until She Bolts For The Stage

High school graduation is an exciting event not just for the graduate themselves, but for the entire family. While it’s certain to cause tears for many parents, usually the teen is full of smiles and joy as they are center stage during the ceremony.

The graduates have their whole future ahead of them. It’s an incredibly exhilarating time.

However, things turned out a little differently for one student named Miranda. When she walked into the auditorium on the day of her graduation, she never expected she’d be bursting into tears in front of her entire class!

The ceremony had just begun for the Florida seniors, who were all dressed in their crisp gowns and mortarboard caps. They were all facing the stage when a guest speaker walked up the steps.

The guest speaker stood in front of the podium and announced, “Good evening everybody. Would you please join me in The Pledge of Allegiance?” Now, that’s not a question that usually gets a teen girl bawling, but that’s exactly what happened to Miranda!

In fact, the classmates around her could hear her sobbing throughout the entire Pledge – surely wondering what had set her off. No one knew who the guest speaker was, but Miranda did.

After it was announced that the students could be seated, Miranda instead bolted right for the stage and toward the guest speaker. Although not everyone was aware of it – the man who was dressed in a uniform was really Miranda’s brother Derek.

He is an Airman who had been deployed overseas. Derek had decided to surprise his sister on her special day in a way that she’ll never forget.

Watch the video below to see the reunion for yourself – it’s an emotional scene that will likely have you grabbing a tissue, too!