German Shepherds Favorite Song Plays On Radio, Her Dance Moves Are Lighting Up The Internet

Hip hop hit song “Low” by Flo Rida has drawn a lot of fans because of its beat and peppy lyrics, including one adorably furry German Shepherd named Jaxson Rose. After the four-year-old pooch parks herself in the front passenger seat of owner Stephanie Walton’s vehicle, the music begins playing.

At that point, Jaxon Rose just cannot contain herself. With the help of a human assisting her in executing her dance moves, Jaxon hilariously grooves to the upbeat song.

It’s easy to see these playful owners have a great sense of humor when it comes to having fun with their big pup. Her big ears move to the beat, going forward, backward, sideways and all around as her human guides her choreography.

She glances around on occasion, probably wondering what exactly is going on. But she sits patiently, boogying to the beat.

The video of Jaxson Rose has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube. The goofy video even earned Jaxson Rose and Stephanie a trip from their hometown of Marion, Indiana, to FOX’s Cause For Pause television special produced in Los Angeles, California.

She sure is one patient pup with her owner guiding her moves from behind her. Jaxson Rose was nominated for a Golden Bone award in the Weirdest Dog Talent video category of the television special.

The video also was featured on Good Morning America. The star-studded special also meant Jaxson Rose took quite a few selfies with people like Betty White.

Check out this German Shepherd’s impromptu dance party in the front seat in the video below. You may not be able to wiggle your ears around like Jaxson Rose after watching it, but you may feel prompted to dance in your seat, too!


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