Friends Reunite In Assisted Living Home After Decades Apart

Clara and Dorothy first became friends when they were teenagers in 1940. Just recently, the two reunited after decades apart in an unlikely place – a San Diego assisted living facility.

The women initially met when they were working at an embroidery company in New Jersey. Dorothy’s stepfather was the owner, and Clara was married to the manager. Although the two were close friends, they eventually drifted apart after Dorothy moved thousands of miles away to San Diego. Ironically though, that is the exact location where they would eventually meet again.

When 93-year-old Clara was being dropped off at an assisted living home in San Diego, her daughter was very nervous that her mother wouldn’t know anyone. However, through chatter they soon realized that there was another resident who had also lived in the same town in New Jersey. Lo and behold, it was her old friend Dorothy! Ever since, the two women have been sharing pictures and memories from the past. With over seven decades of being separated, the two sure do have A LOT of catching up to do.

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