Freddie Mercury’s Voice Without Instruments Is Chillingly Beautiful

Although he has been gone for decades, Freddie Mercury is still considered a vocal legend. As the lead singer of the popular rock group Queen, Freddie Mercury’s unique voice and style of singing along with his songwriting skills, propelled the group into the history books.

At the time, no one had heard anything like him. And his voice has yet to be matched.

More than 25 years later, Freddie Mercury’s singing and lyrical style have had no successor.

In the video below, you’ll hear the classic Queen song, “We Are The Champions.”

When you listen, you’ll witness the raw power and electricity in Freddie’s voice as he sings without the accompaniment of the other band member’s instruments.

The song, both sung and written by Freddie, has become one of the most easily recognizable rock ‘n roll tracks ever. Only preceded by another Queen classic, “We Will Rock You.”

Listen to Freddie sing the song without the instruments. It’s amazing what he can do with his voice!

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