He Found A Message In A Bottle On The Beach. What Was Inside Crushed My Heart.

When you was a child, did you ever put a message in a bottle, throw it into the sea, hoping that someday it would be found elsewhere in the World? Did you ever imagine finding a bottle in the ocean, hoping it would contain a treasure map that would lead you to a treasure chest of gold?

Well, this man found a bottle laying on the beach. What he found inside was NOT a treasure map, OR a cry for help. Instead, what he found, was something that will move you.


This is the bottle they found



They had NO idea what could be inside it. A map? A cry for help?



They tried to open it, with no success…



Luckily, one of them was prepared…..



 Moss Beach, CA 8/17/2014



A photograph, perhaps?



What they read silenced them….



There was only 1 thing they could do, relaunch it to it’s unknown destination….



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And so, Mel’s journy hasn’t finished, yet.  It makes me wonder where it will be found next, and by who? Best wishes to Melvin and his family. May he rest in peace and continue his journey.

Share with your friends and family, they may someday find Mel’s bottle and know the powerful message inside.