Five Doctors Line Up Behind Sheet As They Drop It Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

The human body is an odd, ever-changing organ that can go haywire at a moment’s notice. One of the scariest medical experiences is something called “laryngospasm,” which is the sensation of not being able to breathe or speak.

Even though this strange medical term represents something frightening, a group of four certified registered nurse anesthetists decided to make light of the funny-sounding name, using it to dub their singing ensemble. They wanted to replace fear with laughter – and boy, did they succeed!

Their goofy group is now taking the Internet by storm with their latest music video…

The group of men formed The Laryngospasms, a musical parody group, years ago while studying for their nursing degrees. With the stress of finals in the rear-view mirror and the promise of Christmas break ahead, the members geared up for a performance for attendees at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia student Christmas party.

The ridiculous (but talented) group of medical professional donned their scrubs, took their microphones and sang a parody version of Neil Sedaka’s popular song ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do’ aptly renamed ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do.’

No one in the audience was expecting such a fun performance from a group of students so tightly wound! By the end of their song, everyone at the party was wiping about tears of laughter from their eyes. What a silly group of guys.

Decades after their first performance, The Laryngospasms are at it again. They’ve put their scrubs back on and borrowed an operating theater at the hospital to film their official video for ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do.’

The men start off softly singing, but then sheet drops and the real show begins. They were able to put their own unique flair on the classic song without ruining the impressive musical composition! Obviously, they know how to write the perfect parody song.

Watch the video below to see The Laryngospasms’ incredible performance for yourself!