Duo Jeffrey And Celine Perform “You Raise Me Up” On Little Big Shots


Coming from Canada, 10-year-old Jeffrey met 7-year-old Celine from Hong Kong on stage for a breathtaking duet. They were invited to chat with Steve Harvey on Little Big Shots, and their charming personalities will capture you from moment one. Little Celine has an adorable giggle that lights up the room, and Jeffrey can’t help but laugh along. When they are announced on stage, no one could have expected such talented voices, but when they belt out “You Raise Me Up,” everyone in the audience was completely astounded. The expression on Steve Harvey’s face is absolutely priceless.

Jeffrey began the song while darling little Celine stood next to him, just waiting to join along. When their voices met, it was like their voices were match-made in heaven. They stood among the most radiant cloud-like mist on stage that made them not only sound like angels, but look like them as well. The glorious lighting made it appear as if the sunlight itself lit their beautiful faces.

Everyone was enthralled with these two extremely talented children. The soft notes at the ending are so sweet that they put tears in your eyes. Watch their stunning performance for an adorable day-brightener.

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