He Dumps Cement Into A Plastic Bowl. Hours Later He Flips It Over And Turns It Into THIS!

With summer right around the corner, you’re probably eager to get outdoors and start sharing memories with your friends and family.

So if you’re looking for a way to create a fire-pit that you can sit around for hours, this DIY project will help you make the perfect gel fire pit for your yard.

This fire pit video tutorial by Jeff Patterson shows you exactly how to create your own at home step by step.

With just $5 he went to Walmart and picked up two round plastic containers. The smaller one fits inside the bigger one and leaves about an inch of space between them.

He grabs some quick-drying cement and a palm sander. He also wears a mask over his mouth to keep his lungs protected and some gloves on his hands.

He sprays the inside of the big bowl and the outside of the smaller bowl with Pam. He puts on a good coating of the oil.

He pours a bag of quick-setting cement in a clean bucket and pours in some fresh water. He mixes it up with the margin trowel. Once mixed, he pours the cement into the big bowl and presses it down with the smaller bowl. The cement rises between the two containers.

He runs the sander along the outside of the bowl to vibrate out any air bubbles. Then he pulls out the small bowl and shapes the drying cement.

After a few hours, he flips it over and the bowl pops right out because of the Pam. He sands it down with a sandpaper. He puts the gel can into the cement and surrounds it with lava granules. Now he has a fire pit ready to go!

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