Drug Addict Makes A Life Saving Change After Visit From Secret Santa

You may not believe in Santa Claus, God, or fate, but after living an amazing turn of events, this atheist from Pennsylvania has changed his mind and now believes there is someone watching over him. Each year a “Secret Santa” goes out and randomly hands out $100 bills to people at Christmas time, totalling around $100,000 each year. Each person’s reactions are different and priceless, but some may ask if it’s worth it.

But this Secret Santa does not care, and he also doesn’t judge others. In the following video he comes across a heroin addict that even sold his own son’s toys for drug money. He hadn’t been employed in over a year, and his his girlfriend was about to leave him. That’s when she suggested he tried praying to God. For the first time, this man prayed and then “coincidentally” a Secret Santa come seemingly out of nowhere and hands him hundreds of dollars. The timing of this was too much for him to bear and ended up being just what he needed to turn his life around and check himself into a treatment facility. He feels that this time will be different having God in his life, and also keeps this Secret Santa believing not a dime of his money is wasted on giving.

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