Doctor Singing To Sick Patients Suddenly Realizes Baby Is Following Him As Cameras Capture Unforgettable Reaction

Dr. Paulo Martins has earned the appreciation of many of his patients at Ribeirao Preto Clinical Hospital in Sao Paulo, but one little superfan could not stop following him around the hospital because she was so entranced by him. Seventeen-month-old Sophia Romao Bueno has been fighting an immune system disorder for quite some time. This rare childhood disease means Sophia spends quite a bit of time in the hospital, and the aggressive treatment really takes a toll on her.

When Dr. Martins brought in his ukulele to entertain patients and try to cheer them up, sweet little Sophia caught wind of his musical talent. The strains of this distinct instrument and his singing voice drew her to him. As he walked from room to room performing for patients, Sophia followed him, lingering in the doorway and listening. By the time he was done, Dr. Martins found Sophia waiting for him in the hallway. Without saying a word, the doctor realized that the tiny tot wanted him to play her a song. He hesitated, because he didn’t know any children’s songs, but Sophia’s dad Julliano chimed in that Sophia liked adult music, particularly country. He suggested Dr. Martins play one particular song and thankfully, he knew it.

Sophia was thrilled when the doctor began strumming his ukulele and singing this song just for her. While tethered to her IV pole, she swayed back and forth, dancing to the tune, stomping her little pink-shoed feet to the beat. But when Dr. Martins finished, Sophia stared at him, imploring him to continue playing. So he did. This magical moment was caught on camera and shared for all of us to enjoy. It’s garnered millions of hits and its no wonder. As Sophia danced, everyone at the hospital watching her forgot for a fleeting moment about their pain, their illness, their stress, and everything was beautiful. Music is powerful and we can see this in the video below.