David Tolley Gets Big Break On Johnny Carson Show

David Tolley’s life changed the night that Johnny Carson’s music act canceled. Johnny felt people came to hear piano playing and his only option was to call on the audience to see if there happened to be a pianist there to fill the spot. After a few questions, it was narrowed down to this young man who quickly obliged.

Turns out David Tolley was extremely talented as he wowed everyone playing the famous number from the Broadway show “Cats.” David’s career from there was catapulted, but he says his work ethic never changed. He was one of eight kids raised by a single mother. So, he understands what hard work is all about. He went on the be a music professor at Delaware State University, he has played at the White House, toured Europe, composed original music at Disneyland Paris, and wrote seven musicals. What a talented musician – and fun to watch how a “random” performance changed his life.

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