Customer Hears A Waitress’s Private Conversation. What He Wrote On The Bill? I’m Speechless!

After receiving an eviction notice, a waitress was afraid she might lose her family’s home. She prayed for a miracle, and was totally blown away to find one man had left her a $3,000 tip on a food bill totalling $43.50!

Mike, who wishes to remain anonymous, told ABC news “This woman had been serving us for almost a year now. She’s a lovely individual, and she talked about how she was served an eviction notice last month. I just had also been constantly thinking about for quite some time my teacher’s project and this foundation, and I thought it was an appropriate time.”

“She really needed it and has been so happy since then, so I feel I did the right thing,” he went on to say. “She said she was going to devote herself to the foundation and continue to pay it forward.”

The foundation Mike is referring to is “ReesSpecht Life,” a movement started by eighth grade science teacher Rich Specht that encourages people to pay-it-forward. Specht’s 2 year old son Reese tragically died in a drowning accident in the family’s backyard pond. (Watch the video below to learn more about their story, it’s truly amazing).

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