A Cruel Owner Left This Dog To Die In The Street. What Happened After That Is A Miracle.

When dog-lover Sean McCormack found Tiny on a dirty street in Taiwan, he was completely in shock. Looking at the dog’s terrible condition, it seemed as though someone left him in the streets to die. His skin was ravaged by a terrible case of mange, he was emaciated and on the brink of death, he didn’t seem to care about living. Sean decided to take him and find him help.

Tiny’s transformation that followed is truly remarkable.

Once he was completely healed, Tiny competed in RSCPA’s Ruffs, an alternative to the famous Crufts dog show. Rather than judging dogs on “perfect” breed standards, the Ruffs judge what is imperfect about the pets we love. Tiny was crowned the Grand Champion of Ruffs 2014.

Tiny’s journey is proof that euthanizing animals to “end their suffering” is not always the necessary. Sometimes these animals just need some medical attention, and a whole lot of love and patience. This may not be the case for every animal in desperate need of help, but stories like Tiny’s should give us hope.

A big thanks to Sean and the staff in Taiwan that brought Tiny back from death’s door! Share his must-see transformation with others by clicking on the button below.