This Couple Is Dancing – But Keep Your Eye On The Woman Rushing The Stage On The Left…

It’s time to boogie! Gary and Charlotte walk on the stage at the Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club and they’re ready to give the audience a performance to remember, complete with a surprise guest! Dancing to “Me and Bobby McGee, Gary and Charlotte start off with high energy that gets the crowd going. Their quick stepping and precision with their moves is second to none.

Gary and Charlotte have been dancing together most of the their lives – and combined with their natural talent it is easy to see. They have competed in dance competitions all over the country with winning many and placing in the others. Their love for dance is obvious to all their admirers and this love is transferred by them also teaching dance workshops not only locally, but also nationally. But there was more in store for the crowd as Gary and Charlotte add a twist to their dance that no one was expecting. Suddenly a third woman jumps out of her seat to join them.

Debbie Wheelis proves she also has some masterful steps to show with the crowd and Gary and Charlotte transition smoothly as she joins their dance. Their performance left a smile on everyone’s face as their quick stepping jitterbug lit up the dance floor and proves that dancing is much more than exercise but also good for the soul. What a fun threesome that have become internet sensations with over 9.5 million views on this dance alone!

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