Cops Take On The Epic Song “Footloose” For Internet Challenge And People Can’t Get Enough

Police officers are incredible at keeping us safe, but with the lip-sync challenge making it’s way across the internet we now know they’re pretty talented too! Departments all over the country have been participating in the challenge, battling it out with their own unique videos centered around different songs.

The Nixa Police Department in Missouri decided to also join the challenge – and the results will have you wanting to put on your dancing shoes. Get ready for their awesome interpretation of the epic song “Footloose.”

There are certain tunes that make you want to dance no matter where you are when you hear them. For many of us, that’s exactly what it’s like with Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose!”

Apparently the Nixa police get that same type of feeling, which is why they invited people in their community to join them to ‘kick off their Sunday shoes.’ Their video features residents young and old dancing alongside the officers in a fun contagious way.

On top of showing off their epic dance skills, the cops also lip sync to the lyrics of the song (of course!). You’re sure to be grooving in your seat when you hear,

“I’ve got this feeling

That time’s just holding me down

I’ll hit the ceiling

Or else I’ll tear up this town…”

Since the Nixa Police Department posted their impressive video it’s been shared thousands of times. They even wrote on Facebook how they made it all possible, saying:

“No budget, no production company (shot and edited by our Public Information Officer who studied film production), and all officers donated their time to participate. We believe in being responsible with tax payer dollars and we made an extra effort to do so while having fun.”

This is one energized performance that is sure to make other departments even want to get in on the dancing fun. Ren would be so proud!

You can watch it for yourself in the video below!