Cops: Dad bites off nose of crying infant. OMG, this man is an animal!!

A California father is facing criminal charges after police say he bit off his one-month-old infant’s nose out of frustration from the infant crying.

Joshua Cooper, 18, of Fairfield, was arrested and booked into the Solano County Jail for child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.

Fairfield police said they received a call early Thursday morning from a hysterical female stating that her infant child was bleeding from his nose.

Officials said they found the baby, his 18-year-old father, 17-year-old mother, and other family members at their home.

The child was rushed to the North Bay Medical Center where doctors determined that one-third of the infant’s nose had been severed. The child also appeared to have possible head trauma, police said in a press release.user34823-1394755940-media1

As a result, the child was taken to the Oakland Children’s Hospital, where doctors discovered the infant had suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage.

The child is currently in stable condition, according to police.

“The criminal investigation determined that the infant’s father had bitten the child’s nose off out of frustration from the infant crying,” police said in a statement. “The investigation continues to determine how the infant sustained the skull fracture and brain hemorrhage.”

It is unknown if Cooper has been assigned an attorney yet.

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to call the Fairfield Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit at (707) 428-7600, the 24-hour Tip Line at (707) 428-7345 or Crime Stoppers at (707) 644-7867.
Please share this story, it may help the investigation, and also to expose this animal for what he is.