Chorus Group Has Everyone Dancing With “Footloose”


No wonder they’ve won so many awards! It seems as though this skilled Kentucky Vocal Union group is about to begin a somber routine with their dark clothes and slow swaying, but then they shock everyone!

The group of 36 middle-aged men suddenly break into a thrilling rendition of “Footloose.” Their energetic jiving, on-rhythm snapping and colorful “outfit change” keeps the audience engaged while their powerful voices rock the room! This impressive collection of musically inclined men have stunned others with their routines before – in fact, they’ve placed in many international competitions! The Kentucky Vocal Union won 3rd Place in Portland (2012), 6th in Kansas City (2011) and Las Vegas (2014), 10th in Nashville (2008) and 13th in Anaheim (2009).

As always, they selected the song, “Footloose,” for a reason! Attention returned to the iconic 1980s movie in 2011 when Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough starred in the official remake! The updated tracklist and modern dance style brought a fresh feeling to classic story of music and joy forbade in a conservative town. Now those young and old can bond over the Kentucky Vocal Union’s fun routine!

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