Charles Luske Performs James Brown And Has Everyone Cheering

His voice could not be more perfect for the classic James Brown song. Charly Luske enters ‘The Voice Of Holland’ and completely nails it at the moment he opens his mouth. The judges were completely stunned as they turn their chairs around saying, ‘I Want You,’ probably wondering how it’s possible to capture the essence of the song, “It’s a Man’s World” so perfectly with just one phrase.

When James Brown’s ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ was produced in 1966, it became No. 1 on the billboard. Since that time, we all know how difficult it is to do it justice. But when Charly Luske takes the stage with confidence, he proves a job well done and has the entire place – his family, the crowd, even the judges – in an uproar. You will love the perfect, sultry quality of his voice!

Charly Luske, actor and singer, was encouraged by his father at the age of twelve to begin voice lessons and has pursued his career ever since. When he entered The Voice of Holland, he made it to the semi-finals and produced his single, ‘Nobody’s Guy.’ You will find yourself stunned at how incredibly this guy can perform James Brown!

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