BYU Vocal Point Sings Beautiful Rendition Of “Silent Night”

Listening to Christmas carols is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. In this video, BYU Vocal Point sings a glorious rendition of “Silent Night,” which is sure to brighten your mood.

The a Cappela music group, BYU Vocal Point, does an incredible job bringing this song to life. It begins with one member of the group singing solo, then slowly others come to join in. It takes place in a barn, which is glowing with light – symbolizing that a child has been born. The men all stare lovingly at a scene before them. Although you never see what they are looking at, it is surely the newborn baby Jesus.

The men sing “Silent Night” with voices that sound like angels in heaven up above. It’s evident that BYU Vocal Point put a lot of heart and soul into both the song, and the video. They say, “Our favorite part of the video is the very last shot, when we all symbolically kneel before the Christ child, offering ourselves and our talents as a gift to Him.” Wow, absolutely beautiful!

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