Boy Opens Envelope Containing One Last Chore-Begins Bawling When He Looks Inside

Many 9 year olds go to school all day, and then come back home and relax and do their homework. They will play video games or watch tv, sometimes going outside to play. But this 9 year old has a different routine. And his hard work has finally paid off.

Kolt Kyler is a hard working boy who lives with his family on their farm. He balances both work in school and on the fields, never complaining. He does what he is told, and does his job well.

But every once in a while, he still finds time to kick his feet up and relax, mostly watching his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. So his family had an idea, and it has to be the sweetest thing yet! And it was all caught on video!

Kolt and his father, Andy, were seen leaning against a pig pen, after Kolt had just finished a day of unusually long list of chores.

“You know, I kind of tested you a little bit today. I wanted to see how you’d react because I knew you were tired. You never once complained. You worked hard,” said Andy.

When asked if he was tired, he insisted that he was not, and that it was fun helping out his family.

Then it was time to give Kolt his one last chore. His father said it was a lengthy one that would take some time, but Kolt didn’t mind. His father handed him an envelope, which contained the last chore. But when he saw what was inside, he began to tear up.

Inside, were tickets to a Cubs game, one of Kolt’s dreams. He broke down in tears, and ran over to his father, hugging him and not letting him go.


But after his sister posted the video on Twitter, something else amazing happened. Anthony Rizzo, the first baseman for the Cubs, retweeted his sisters video saying, “This is awesome. When u come for the game Kolt I’ll have BP passes waiting for you. No better place to see the @Cubs then right on the field.”

That’s right. Kolt will actually get to meet the players, and get to be on the field later this June, when the Cubs play the St. Louis Cardinals.

This little boy is such a hard worker, and I am so proud of him for doing such a wonderful job in school and at home! Way to go Kolt! You definitely deserve this!

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