Beau Dermott Is Awarded The Golden Buzzer

Twelve-year-old Beau Dermott looks sweet and innocent, but the moment she began singing the audience was floored. Hidden inside this adorable young girl is a voice so powerful that the entire room hung on her every word throughout the whole song “Defying Gravity” from the popular musical Wicked. Throughout the audience, jaws dropped, eyes popped open as wide as humanly possible, and the judges were all just waiting for the opportunity to reward her with something huge.

Her talent at such a young age shocked everyone, but beyond that, her performance was itself flawless the way she added an extra special touch to the song. She lit up with animation and excitement, showing that singing is what she is most passionate about.

Her performance could have lasted all evening and everyone would have loved it, but when it was time to finish the song, the whole entire audience, including the judges rose to their feet and couldn’t help themselves but to keep clapping in pure awe of her performance – even Simon Cowell. Beau was overwhelmed with all of the love and support, and never expected what was going to happen next. She received the golden buzzer, and just wait until you see the excitement that follows.

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