Baby Monitor Hacking Is On The Rise

What happens when your child says he is hearing voices at night?

Naturally you comfort them and let them know everything is alright and there is no boogy man hiding under the bed or in the closet. Usually this will reassure the child, that all is fine. Unless you are actually WRONG.

Such was the case for the family in the following video. Imagine walking into your child’s room, only to hear THIS:

Wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”

Jay, the father, happened to hear it one night, and realized it was coming from the baby monitor. Investigating further and bringing his wife Sarah into the room, he heard another eery message:

look someone’s coming or someone’s coming into view.”

They watched as the night-vision camera followed their movements, as it was being controlled by someone. The couple were totally shaken and immediately called the manufacturer of the monitor, Foscam. They were told it was possible their monitor had been hacked. The hackers were probably using a smartphone app or a laptop to control the device.

What’s the solution? Unless you go back to traditional baby monitors with internet access, you should periodically change the camera’s password so it is not the same as the Wi-Fi password. Installing device updates is key to ensuring your privacy.

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