Andrea Bocelli And Handsome Son Sing Ed Sheeran Megahit Leaving Fans Swooning

Everyone knows how amazing artist Andrea Bocelli sings; his voice is simply spectacular. But what others might not know is that his talented son Matteo Bocelli is like a mini Andrea who is making his way on the music scene.

Many music aficionados have likened Matteo’s voice to his father’s, albeit a younger version. The two even look alike!

Andrea and Matteo both are classically trained singers, but some consider them to be more classical crossover artists. Andrea has been blessed with the opportunity to sing with incredible artists for collaborative projects throughout the years.

Oone of Matteo’s most exceptional duets happened to be with his own father. Matteo appeared on Andrea’s single “Fall On Me” as they both sang a heartfelt tribute to each other in English and Italian.

Matteo’s brother Amos Bocelli also is featured on Andrea’s latest album playing the piano. So when Andrea was slated to record a duet with British singer Ed Sheeran, both Amos and Matteo could not believe it!

Ed is a worldwide superstar with a unique voice and a list of heartfelt songs that are huge hits. Andrea at first wasn’t sure quite who he was dealing with when approached about their  potential collaboration until speaking with his sons.

Ed flew out to Andrea’s home in Tuscany for the recording and they ended up singing “Perfect” for Ed’s album Divide. But first, Andrea pressed his sons for more information about Ed to prepare himself, he shared with the Evening Standard.

“The strange thing was that he really, really wanted me to sing on that particular song, with an operatic touch to it – something that he didn’t think was actually feasible. But he was so determined that he came all the way to my house … The situation was very peaceful because I had my two sons with me who are great fans of his. So they were very excited and very happy to be able to listen to his voice live. It is a privilege and quite emotional to listen to a singer who sings live for you. My sons were in awe.”

When Andrea and Matteo decided to record another song together, they chose none other than Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Perfect.” At first, Andrea sings in the background, giving the spotlight to Matteo.

The 20-year-old toned down his classical training to give credit to Ed Sheeran and sound more like the superstar. As Matteo finished his solo before handing the limelight to his dad, Andrea reached out and warmly patted his son on the back.

When the elder Bocelli took his turn, Andrea opted to sing in Italian. Hearing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in Italian is simply spine-tingling!

Hear for yourself how absolutely fantastic the two of them sound in this beautiful duet. It’s extraordinary!