Airline Refuses To Let Dad And Newborn On Flight. Elderly Nurse Says 'You're Coming Home With Me'

This heartwarming story is currently going viral and it’s easy to see why. A man named Rubin Swift recently headed from his hometown in Cleveland, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona. He had traveled out-of-state for the most exciting reason imaginable: to pick up his newborn daughter, Ru-Andria. Rubin was granted custody of Ru-Andria and couldn’t wait to take her back to Ohio with him.

Rubin and his four-day-old daughter checked in at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, and he made sure to bring a note from the doctor that said Ru-Andria was allowed to fly. However, the airline said they couldn’t board the plane, since their policy bans babies under seven days old from flying. In an unfamiliar state with no friends or family, Rubin was left in a complete state of panic. He and his newborn were about to be stranded for three days!

But then Rubin remembered an elderly woman he had met at the hospital on the day Ru-Andria was born. Joy Ringhofer, a volunteer at Banner University Medical Center, cradled Ru-Andria in the minutes after her birth. Rubin walked into the room, saw Joy holding her and the pair of strangers made an instant connection. Something told the nervous new dad to take a chance and give Joy a call, even though they had only met for a few brief moments. After leaving the airport, he found Joy’s number and made the call. “I’m coming to get you and take you home,” she said without hesitation. Rubin was confused – at first, he thought she planned to drive him and his baby all the way back to Ohio. But once Joy pulled up and started driving the dad-daughter down the highway, Rubin realized they were going back to Joy’s house. What followed was three days of kindness and selflessness that will restore your faith in humanity…


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