Adele Impersonates Herself At Audition For Adele Impersonators

Superstar Adele, the ever-popular queen of soul, has just experienced one of the most successful years of her career. The recent released cd “25” is expected to break the record for albums sold in one week in the U.S., as reported by Billboard. The debut of her hit song “Hello” overtook every social media platform as it took the Internet by storm and sent millions into a deep, impassioned buzz characteristic of the Adele effect.

In spite of all her success, Adele still manages to find time to have fun and make people laugh, and in the case of the following video, make people’s dreams come true. Watch as Adele goes undercover to participates in an audition seeking Adele impersonators. The singer blends in with the impersonators while she waits for her turn at the mic. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the imitators to realize that what they were hearing was, in fact, the true vocals of Adele herself.

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