A Church Tips This Pizza Delivery Guy $700. Then They Discover THIS About Him…

Jeff got called in early to work to deliver pizzas to a nearby church in Ohio. The pastor had an idea to tip him $100 but then spontaneously the rest of the congregation began tipping him one by one until he ended up with over $700.

The 22-year-old thought it was going to be another regular work day, but the surprise he got reached deep into his heart trying to understand how people who didn’t even know him were so willing to be a blessing to him. And the blessing comes quickly back to the church as they find out he is struggling to get his life back together and this gift was just what he needed to give the glimmer of hope that things can be different. What a beautiful turn of events that started with a simple $100 bill turning into a blessing that has an impact far more than money can buy.

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