6 Yr Old Suffers From Life-Threatening Disease. But When You See Her Do THIS? Truly INSPIRING!

Brave little 6 year old Audrey from Kentucky suffers from a life-threatening bone marrow disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). Despite the pain they are going through, Audrey and her family wanted to spread awareness about DBA in hopes of raising money for a cure.

Audrey’s parents explain that while she may look peppy and energetic in the videos, she is often worn out and suffering from pain from the condition. But despite all that, she remains positive and upbeat. The following video features her performance at the International Zumba Conference in Orlando, Florida. Audrey was invited by Zumba to open the show and dance along with her local instructors and some of the best Zumba dancers in the Zumba community. She is a true superstar isn’t she?

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