5 Dads Line Up. Their Unforgettable Dance Forced The Crowd To Their Feet In Uproar

We’ve seen singers, musicians, ventriloquists and a variety of other entertainers perform special Christmas routines – but nothing compare to these silly dads. The “Christmas Jumpers” take the stage before their loved ones in their ugly sweaters and dance to a remix of the “Sugar Plum Fairy.” Within seconds, the five fathers have everyone bursting out in laughter with their “smooth” moves and silly act! You can’t help but let out a chuckle or two while watching the grown men strut their stuff…

These hilarious dads prove that, though they may not have lots of dancing talent, they sure can jump! As they bounce across the stage, the five men make everyone completely burst into laughter. Not only do they love to share their unique style, but they also love to share their holiday spirit! It takes people like these cheerful men to show us the true meaning of Christmas: spending time with loved ones, making memories and chucking over goofy antics!

Hopefully, most of us have goofy figures like this in our lives – people who teach us that life is worth laughing over, not stressing about! Check out this awesome video from the “Christmas Jumpers” by pressing “play” below! Maybe their routine inspires your family to create your very own Christmas routine. If so, be sure to record it and share it online for the world to see!


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