40 Years After Grease John Travolta Shows Off Iconic Dance That Still Has Ladies Swooning

When teenage girls first laid eyes upon the leather jacket wearing, smooth talking Danny Zuko, hearts began beating wildly. It was the summer of 1958 on the big screen in a legendary movie named Grease where Danny fell madly in love with the kindhearted Sandy Olsson from Australia.

When that blissful summer came to an end, Sandy returned to Australia with promises of a future from Danny. But he returned back home without a second thought, until one day, the Pink Ladies surprised Danny at a football game pep rally with a new student — it was none other than Sandy!

Danny and Sandy at first can’t believe that they’re standing in front of each other until Danny’s friends, The T-Birds, begin making fun of him. That’s when he reverted to his “I’m too cool for you” attitude.

Fans of Grease fondly recall the kids going to prom and the mooning mishap, the elusive car race, the T-Birds fixing up Kenickie’s car and all of the amazing singing and dancing featured in this classic musical. High schools and community theaters love putting on their version of this lovable 1978 musical, especially copying some of the dance moves.

A talented dancer and actor, Danny Zuko was played by John Travolta who introduced a move called the four corners to his choreographer during the filming of this movie. The choreographer wanted something smashing for Danny and Sandy, played by Olivia Newton-John, when she hopped off the fun house at the school carnival and joined him on the ground.

When John appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it happened to be the 40th anniversary of the New York City premier of Grease. They managed to bring up the choreography and how Jimmy’s own nieces and nephews love to watch the movie, copying the dance moves and singing along.

John, sitting there with just the right amount of scruff on his face and looking debonair in his fancy suit, chuckled as Jimmy shared the story with him. That’s when John talked about the four corners move that the choreographer loved.

Jimmy encouraged John to hop up and perform it, so he did! Jimmy rushed out from behind his desk and joined John on the stage.

They waited for the band to play that particular snippet from “You’re the One That I Want.” The ladies in the crowd went wild and cheered crazily. Suddenly, they bust out the little hip thrust dance move and everyone screamed!

See for yourself the little move that set hearts beating rapidly 40 years ago when Grease hit the big screen.