2 Lovers Haven’t Seen Each Other In 22 Years, Now Watch What Happens When They Make Eye Contact.

Performance artists Marina Abramovic and Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay) fell madly in love when they began collaborating on projects back in 1976. It was a relationship some say was full of energy, mysticism and attraction.

In 1988, however, after twelve years of collaboration, the two decided to embark on a journey that would end their relationship. This wasn’t a typical break-up as we know it; the two walked from opposite ends of The Great Wall of China to meet in the middle and say goodbye, some 2500 km each!

They called this piece The Great Wall Walk and it was the last time the saw each for over 20 years.

As with any good love story, the hope of reuniting was finally fulfilled back in 2010 during a live performance piece imagined by Abramovic at the MoMa.

In this piece, Abramovic let patrons sit silently across a table from her for up to 1-minute each. She didn’t show much emotion at all, but all that changed when Ulay sat down across the table from her.

Despite there being almost no verbal interaction, this reunion is one of the most powerful displays of love we’ve ever seen!

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