19 Foals Are Loving Life After They’re Rescued From Being Destroyed

A nurse mare foal is a foal that was born just so its mother would produce milk. The mother is shipped off to nurse a “more valuable” colt, and these adorable foals are destroyed, even being considered mere “byproducts” of the industry. That’s where Last Chance Corral in Athens, OH, comes in. They rescues as many of these orphans as they can and places them with loving homes surrounded by loving people. Victoria Goss founded the Last Chance Corral  to rescue these poor babies who would ordinarily be euthanized.

Orphan foals require a lot of work and love, with plenty of hands on care. Not to mention, they also need lots of space to play and run wild! In the following clip, 19 nurse mare foals from get a chance to do exactly that, as they’re released into a big paddock for the first time ever!

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