15-Year-Old Player Takes Mic To Sing Anthem. Jaws Drop Upon Hearing His Unpredictable Voice

At a time when football fans occasionally witness players taking a knee on the field during the singing of the National Anthem, it’s surprising to see a football player doing something incredibly different. When football player Samuel Keith stepped off the field, everyone was surprised to see him step up to the microphone.

Those who know Samuel knew what he was about to do, but fans who have watched the video captured below cannot believe what happens next. It’s not often that you see a star athlete showcase talent in the arts.

But for Samuel, it’s not strange at all. Maybe that’s perhaps even more than in sports, he is totally in his element when he takes the stage to perform.

And there is an extremely good reason why — because he has the voice of a mature and experienced singer. It was the last thing anyone in the crowd expected to hear from a 15-year-old.

A student at Nashoba Regional High School in Massachusetts, Samuel also is a singer, actor, and athlete. During the pre-game warm up, Samuel is pulled from the line and handed a microphone.

A voice like Samuel’s is highly rare and the sound of him singing the National Anthem was perfect. As soon as people heard his voice, shock covered everyone’s faces.

It is no surprise that he was asked to sing the National Anthem at many other events afterwards. People were so impressed with his natural talent!

All of his friends cheered him on when he took the microphone. Dressed in full game uniform, Samuel sang into the microphone with a deep and powerful voice that resonated across the entire field.

The crowd went wild when he sang the high notes in the song. Those moments will simply blow you away, especially when you consider that this singer is only 15 years old.

You won’t be able to believe the huge sound that he is capable of! Listen to Samuel’s performance below.