Toddler And His Pet Dog Take The Car For A Joy Ride

Two precious little ones occupied the fire-red Mercedes Power Wheels car. Even mom was shocked at their hilarious plan. Her little son Oliver enjoyed the close company of Daisy the dog, especially when they found new and exciting things to do. Although mom held

Policeman Saves Man From Suicide Then Hugs Him

There is just TOO MUCH negative reporting on policeman nowadays, we need more positive reporting on what law enforcement endure, like this touching moment caught on video. Please SHARE this heart-felt moment with your friends on Facebook, let’s give law enforcement the credit they

Rescued Koala Will Melt Your Heart

Zookeepers at Symbio Wildlife park, Sydney create the most adorable home video ever seen as they take you on their touching journey of hand rearing tiny Imogen, the Koala joey. Please SHARE this adorable baby with your friends on Facebook, put a smile on

UNSTOPPABLE: A Quad Amputee Story

This is the story of Quadruple Amputee, Taylor Morris. Taylor was injured on May 3rd, 2012 in Afghanistan to an IED blast becoming the 5th Quad Amputee to have ever survive to date. Taylor’s girlfriend Danielle has been at his side since he was

Juliana Chahayed Nails An Elvis Presley Classic

Juliana Chahayed sings an Elvis Presley’s classic and her beautiful voice fits perfectly. Young talent pours from her version of this timeless song, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” as she took her guitar outdoors. Originally released back in 1961 by Elvis Presley, and written
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