Deadly Bug Invades The U.S.

Texas residents need to be a little more careful about their health after recent reports of a new threat that will have even the most courageous cowboy trembling in their boots. Despite having  a very friendly name, “kissing bugs” are no fun at all,

Starved Dog Comes Back From Brink Of Death

Watch the following video to see Angel come back from the brink of death, her recovery is truly a miracle! Please make a small donation and help Rescue From The Hart save more lives by visiting their website Please SHARE this video with your

Homeless Boy vs Homeless Man Experiment

Sadly, there is no shortage of homeless people in the world. In the following video, Youtuber MoeAndET wanted to see how people would respond to a homeless man versus a homeless child. A young boy was used to be a homeless kid. He eventually

Woman Wakes From Seizure And Discovers Humanity

Imagine waking up, not knowing how you got somewhere, how long you’d been there or what had happened. That’s exactly what occurred with 27-year-old Ellie Farnfield. One moment she was riding the train and the next thing she knew she was lying on a

Twins Talking to Each Other Is Adorable

Twins Merle and Stign are already starting their own language in the sweetest conversation you will ever hear. Surely it is the beginning of a lifetime of love and friendship where they will always be there for each other. For now, they will overwhelm

Veterans With PTSD Heal Through Therapy With Wolves

For veterans who suffer with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there is an alternative to medication that’s making a buzz called wolf therapy. In the following video, we get a glimpse into the Warriors and Wolves program, which takes place at the Lockwood Animal Rescue

Junkyard Dog Is An Angel To Other Dogs

Lilica might be an old homeless junkyard dog, but when you see what she does each night for her puppies and the OTHER homeless dogs, you’ll be moved. This pooch is a live 4-legged angel. Please SHARE this touching story with your dog loving

Dying Girl Gets A Fantasy Birthday Ball

Since the age of 2, Lila May’s life has been consumed with a fight against stage four neuroblastoma – a rare form of childhood cancer. After consulting with experts from Portland, New York and Michigan, progress in her recovery just wasn’t happening. Her parents
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